Three Ways to Change Old Closing Schools to Another Values

Schools are one of the most important public places for human life. Schools engage children to learn knowledge as a core role in cities. Unfortunately, in recent years, a lot of schools had been closed by some problems. We should promote using abolished schools more effective. For example, some cities transformed abolished schools to new buildings such as incubation facilities, hotels, and art museums.

First, closed schools are used for helping startups. Some developed countries such as Japan are facing a declining population. If children are less than before, schools should be closed. According to the Japanese Ministry of Education survey (2018), the number of the schools, which have elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, declined 6,811 in 13 years. The Fukuoka Growth Next, which is located in Fukuoka, Japan, was made from the Daimyo elementary school for supporting startups. The building has coworking and shared spaces, DIY studios, cafes, bars and free internet. It provides startups some strong opportunities such as a networking event for creating a community formation, a matching meeting with venture capitals and investors. In addition, the facility has teaching programs called Engineer Lab Fukuoka and Fukuoka Design Hub for beginners of engineers and designers.

Second of all, hotels can been constructed from abolished schools. According to Mr. Milin (2010), the total number of the schools increased in these years in the U.S. However, Mr. Milin said “6 percent of school districts closed or consolidated schools during the 2008-2009 school year, double the rate of the previous year”. Because The U.S. has regional differences and some cities faced economic crisis or decreasing students. The Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon state is a good example to change a desert school to a hotel. In 1997, McMenamins, which is a chain company of hotels and pubs, bought the old school building. There are 57 guest rooms, a restaurant, some small bars, a movie theater and a pool. The fancy old yellow wooden hotel is enjoyed by not only tourists but also neighborhoods.

Finally, abolished schools are suitable for art museums. Some say, art is not an useful subject for students. However, there are a lot of opportunities to know histories, cultures, and technologies. In addition, it contributes improvement in value for products. MoMA PS1, which is in Long Island City, NY, is one of the most famous art institution in the U.S. The building was made from a Romanesque Revival school in 1976. The art museum focuses especially for modern art, and it provides people art programs and events. After constructed the building, the value of the area was increased significantly, and the museum helped people who could get job as the guides. This success story influenced other countries. For example, the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan is a cultural arts center. It was made from Kanda Hitotsubashi middle school in 2010. The building designed to be used for artists and creators. There are art galleries, offices, and cafes.

In conclusion, abolished schools provide us another profits such as supporting startups, accommodations and art facilities. Schools engage benefits of not only typical study knowledge but also community, amusement and expressions. We should reuse old closing schools to earn more convenient public places.

Milin, E. M. (2010). Closing a School Building: A Systematic Approach. Washington, DC: National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

The result of actual situation survey on the utilization of school facilities. (2018). Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: Local Facilities Aid Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


通っているESL学校の運営に関する問題を、約一ヶ月前からクラスメイトと一緒に解決しようと試行錯誤している。どの生徒にも影響を与える学校側の欠陥で、実際にこの問題によって学校を離れてしまった生徒も少なくない。また先生側の負担もあり彼らの離職率は高い。長くて半年間務められればいいといったところだ。しかしながら、生徒の入学から卒業までの期間が数ヶ月という短い期間であり、これまで誰も直視してこなかった。”An elephant in the room.” というのが最も的を得た表現かもしれない。


  1. 主導: 話を始めると一気に注目を惹きつける。間に意見を挟み込もうとしても阻止される。
  2. 反復: 何度も同じことを繰り返し発言し、会議中に強引に同意を得る。
  3. 過程: 交渉のプロセスを心得ている。人脈を駆使し、あらかじめ交渉したい相手のボスを押さえる。手紙、メール、電話などの手段を問わない。
  4. 感情: 気持ちを表に出し、ときに怒りをあらわにする。
  5. 冷酷: 相手の立場、プライドを重視しない。
  6. 約束: 人とアクションの同意を取り即座に実行を求める。






2つ目は協力。近年Open Source Softwareの概念によってIT技術が飛躍的に進歩しているが、ロボット分野もその例外ではない。有名なプロジェクトにROS(Robot Operating System)、OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision Library)などがあり、これらは世界中の大学や企業で使用され、ロボット技術の発展に貢献している。私もこれらのプロジェクトに助けられたことがあり、今回の記事は技術的なものではないが、少しでも工学分野に貢献できればという思いがある。

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How to Give Advice

My manager is treating my friends unfairly at work. What should I do?

The solution depends on your mental and physical exhaustion. If you feel ill such as having vertigo or a sore stomach, you should take a break and get the doctor’s opinion. Keeping own health is more important that working. On the one hand, if you have space to consider, you can begin reaffirming the current situation. For example, writing the problem on a paper by using 5W1H questions helps you to clarify the trouble. In addition, having a counseling session with your friends like me or your family gives you an objective viewpoint. I hope you solve it soon.

Spotify Faces Stiff Competition

According to the article from, Cherie (2018), the market of streaming music is going to be heat up especially for in-car entertainment systems. Drivemode which is an android application for drivers helps them to access some applications while they are driving. The app is used by 109,000 unique users. This company researched that the rank of music apps. In order of the rank, there were Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon Music, Samson Music, Apple Music and Tidal. Yo Koga who is CEO of Drivemode said the struggle for streaming services was that they wanted to get into the car as soon as possible, but it took two to three years to ship an automobile product with their service integrated. In my opinion, the attention of investors had been changed to entertainment technology from autonomous vehicles.

Cherie, H. (2018, April 11). Car Wars: Spotify Faces Stiff Competition as Music Streaming’s Battle to Conquer the Road Heats Up. billboard

YouTube Shooter

At 12:45 p.m. April 3, 2018, the U.S. faced a new, sad incident of mass shooting in San Francisco. According to The Washington Post, a woman, who is 39 years old, killed three people at YouTube headquarter in Mountain View. The reason she attacked YouTube was that the movies uploaded by her were stopped earning her income from advertisements on YouTube.

This incident was one of the uniquest accidents in the U.S.’s history. Normally, massacres are happened by men such as the shooter who committed the shooting at school in Florida, and they didn’t have any specific purpose to do it. However, the affair was caused by a woman who had a resentment of the policies of YouTube. The criminal tried to communicate with YouTube by using her own media for solving her problem. After that, the person resorted to aggressive means for revenge to the company.

In my opinion, in these years, the distance of company and consumer is more closer than before by increasing technology such as the internet. For this reason, companies should more care about the risk of being attacked from consumer directly.

Mark, B. (2018, April 4). YouTube shooter was motivated by anger at the company’s policies, police say, The Washington Post,

A Professional Engineer (a tale)

There was dark and cold night. I didn’t remember that how long I slept. I was woke up by sounds like explosion in an airplane. Suddenly, all of lamps lighted and showed a view of the airplane. Beside of me, my kids were crying and my wife was terrified. I thought a worst scenario about the air going to outside. But the wind was stable, and we could breath still. What was happened?

After few seconds later, an captain controlling the airplane began talking by using speakers. According to his story, the airplane’s fuel system got troubled, and it leaked to some electrical rooms for engines. For this trouble, the fuel caught fire, and three of four engines didn’t work. Also the airplane was not able to control from cockpit. Unfortunately, the airplane would be into the ocean in 7 minutes.

In terrible situation, someone said “I had an idea to prevent we would died”. He looked not strong man, but his voice had enough confidence to argue the people. He opened his laptop, and tried to hack the airplane system. It was not difficult for him because the system was not used newest technology, and he was good engineer.

First, he had to make sure overview of the airplane system. The airplane had just one usable engine which located inner left side. He calculated an equation of motion to control the airplane. Normally, to fly in the sky, the machine should have 6 degree of freedoms. For this reasons, airplane has four turbo engines, two pitch control wing, and one yaw control wing. However, actually, airplanes are robust systems, if you solve an equation for the airplane, it is possible to fly in the sky by using one engines and pitch yaw wings. After that, the control network of engines was hacked by him. His idea was controlling engine by using his laptop directly.

This operation was successfully, and the people made loud cheers. The airplane got stable speed, and went to the airport safely. I tried to find him to say him thanks. But anybody could not find him. After few weeks later, I saw an article at a library. An airplane engineer was dead by an experiment of airplane at his laboratory just one years ago. The picture of the engineer was similar to his face. I realized that he saved our life as his last professional job.