Spotify Faces Stiff Competition

According to the article from, Cherie (2018), the market of streaming music is going to be heat up especially for in-car entertainment systems. Drivemode which is an android application for drivers helps them to access some applications while they are driving. The app is used by 109,000 unique users. This company researched that the rank of music apps. In order of the rank, there were Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon Music, Samson Music, Apple Music and Tidal. Yo Koga who is CEO of Drivemode said the struggle for streaming services was that they wanted to get into the car as soon as possible, but it took two to three years to ship an automobile product with their service integrated. In my opinion, the attention of investors had been changed to entertainment technology from autonomous vehicles.

Cherie, H. (2018, April 11). Car Wars: Spotify Faces Stiff Competition as Music Streaming’s Battle to Conquer the Road Heats Up. billboard