YouTube Shooter

At 12:45 p.m. April 3, 2018, the U.S. faced a new, sad incident of mass shooting in San Francisco. According to The Washington Post, a woman, who is 39 years old, killed three people at YouTube headquarter in Mountain View. The reason she attacked YouTube was that the movies uploaded by her were stopped earning her income from advertisements on YouTube.

This incident was one of the uniquest accidents in the U.S.’s history. Normally, massacres are happened by men such as the shooter who committed the shooting at school in Florida, and they didn’t have any specific purpose to do it. However, the affair was caused by a woman who had a resentment of the policies of YouTube. The criminal tried to communicate with YouTube by using her own media for solving her problem. After that, the person resorted to aggressive means for revenge to the company.

In my opinion, in these years, the distance of company and consumer is more closer than before by increasing technology such as the internet. For this reason, companies should more care about the risk of being attacked from consumer directly.

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