Three Reasons to Use Technology of Movies

Human is one of the creatures who communicate with each others. An important difference between human and other creatures in communication is that people use tools to transfer knowledge. This communication comes from two sides, which are senders and receivers. To receive information, human use five senses, which are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The most contributive way of them is using vision. To get information by using vision, people have two general types of ways such as reading books or watching movies. The main contents of reading books are sentences. On the other hand, movies consist of movement of pictures. People should watch movies to get information effectively for such as entertainment field, business instruction filed and education filed.

First, watching movies is one of the suitable ways to fun amusement in people’s life. The historical backgrounds of books and movies are fundamentally different. Almost 6000 years ago, as the origin of books, clay tablets were developed by Mesopotamia for recording tax data, making contracts and storing academic knowledge. On the other hand, about 200 years ago, phenakistoscopes were developed by using moving disks painted pictures. After this innovation, the technology evolved into films and TVs for enjoying entertainment contents. In the modern period, to enjoy entertainment, most people select watching movie instead of reading books because this media has several features such as nonverbal, dynamic and sensation. Nonverbal is a great effect on to share experience with the people who don’t know same language such as different generation or nation. In addition, following a moving object by eyes is one of the instinctive human traits. Additionally, in movies, it’s possible to hear sounds linked each scenes. This combination provide us high realistic sensation.

Second of all, watching movies is an efficient solution to tell instructions. To prevent misunderstand communication, accuracy of information is an important factor. In books, authors describe message abstractly. However, for example, to use first-aid tools, using books is not enough way because taking misinterpretation leads to a risk of injury directly. For this situation, watching movies is preferable because it is more concrete than reading books. To increase accuracy of information is not just useful for life-threatening situations like above but also for everyday business scenes. When companies want to tell customers their products, videos help customers to imagine the benefits of using the products. Customers can understand easily how they use the products. Making image videos, and showing them in TV commercials or company’s websites is a common way in marketing to general customers.

Finally, watching movies have disruptive innovation potential in education field. For example, to learn study such as math, history and physics, reading books is a common way in school. However, watching movies can be used as a study tool to understand subjects efficiently in school instead of using textbooks. Because, in per unit area, movies have  considerable information more than books. Some say that to translate from textbooks to movies is too much cost for school. However, the cost of making videos is decreasing day by day because the equipments are cheaper than before such as recording, editing and playing tools in recent years. For this reason, education technology field including movies of studying is expanding rapidly.

In conclusion, movies provide us with abundant effects such as enjoying entertainment, understanding accuracy information, and learning study efficiently. Movies engage benefit of amusement, business, and education. We should use movies to earn more effective life.

Three Ways to Change Old Closing Schools to Another Values

Schools are one of the most important public places for human life. Schools engage children to learn knowledge as a core role in cities. Unfortunately, in recent years, a lot of schools had been closed by some problems. We should promote using abolished schools more effective. For example, some cities transformed abolished schools to new buildings such as incubation facilities, hotels, and art museums.

First, closed schools are used for helping startups. Some developed countries such as Japan are facing a declining population. If children are less than before, schools should be closed. According to the Japanese Ministry of Education survey (2018), the number of the schools, which have elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, declined 6,811 in 13 years. The Fukuoka Growth Next, which is located in Fukuoka, Japan, was made from the Daimyo elementary school for supporting startups. The building has coworking and shared spaces, DIY studios, cafes, bars and free internet. It provides startups some strong opportunities such as a networking event for creating a community formation, a matching meeting with venture capitals and investors. In addition, the facility has teaching programs called Engineer Lab Fukuoka and Fukuoka Design Hub for beginners of engineers and designers.

Second of all, hotels can been constructed from abolished schools. According to Mr. Milin (2010), the total number of the schools increased in these years in the U.S. However, Mr. Milin said “6 percent of school districts closed or consolidated schools during the 2008-2009 school year, double the rate of the previous year”. Because The U.S. has regional differences and some cities faced economic crisis or decreasing students. The Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon state is a good example to change a desert school to a hotel. In 1997, McMenamins, which is a chain company of hotels and pubs, bought the old school building. There are 57 guest rooms, a restaurant, some small bars, a movie theater and a pool. The fancy old yellow wooden hotel is enjoyed by not only tourists but also neighborhoods.

Finally, abolished schools are suitable for art museums. Some say, art is not an useful subject for students. However, there are a lot of opportunities to know histories, cultures, and technologies. In addition, it contributes improvement in value for products. MoMA PS1, which is in Long Island City, NY, is one of the most famous art institution in the U.S. The building was made from a Romanesque Revival school in 1976. The art museum focuses especially for modern art, and it provides people art programs and events. After constructed the building, the value of the area was increased significantly, and the museum helped people who could get job as the guides. This success story influenced other countries. For example, the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan is a cultural arts center. It was made from Kanda Hitotsubashi middle school in 2010. The building designed to be used for artists and creators. There are art galleries, offices, and cafes.

In conclusion, abolished schools provide us another profits such as supporting startups, accommodations and art facilities. Schools engage benefits of not only typical study knowledge but also community, amusement and expressions. We should reuse old closing schools to earn more convenient public places.

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How to Give Advice

My manager is treating my friends unfairly at work. What should I do?

The solution depends on your mental and physical exhaustion. If you feel ill such as having vertigo or a sore stomach, you should take a break and get the doctor’s opinion. Keeping own health is more important that working. On the one hand, if you have space to consider, you can begin reaffirming the current situation. For example, writing the problem on a paper by using 5W1H questions helps you to clarify the trouble. In addition, having a counseling session with your friends like me or your family gives you an objective viewpoint. I hope you solve it soon.

Spotify Faces Stiff Competition

According to the article from, Cherie (2018), the market of streaming music is going to be heat up especially for in-car entertainment systems. Drivemode which is an android application for drivers helps them to access some applications while they are driving. The app is used by 109,000 unique users. This company researched that the rank of music apps. In order of the rank, there were Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon Music, Samson Music, Apple Music and Tidal. Yo Koga who is CEO of Drivemode said the struggle for streaming services was that they wanted to get into the car as soon as possible, but it took two to three years to ship an automobile product with their service integrated. In my opinion, the attention of investors had been changed to entertainment technology from autonomous vehicles.

Cherie, H. (2018, April 11). Car Wars: Spotify Faces Stiff Competition as Music Streaming’s Battle to Conquer the Road Heats Up. billboard

YouTube Shooter

At 12:45 p.m. April 3, 2018, the U.S. faced a new, sad incident of mass shooting in San Francisco. According to The Washington Post, a woman, who is 39 years old, killed three people at YouTube headquarter in Mountain View. The reason she attacked YouTube was that the movies uploaded by her were stopped earning her income from advertisements on YouTube.

This incident was one of the uniquest accidents in the U.S.’s history. Normally, massacres are happened by men such as the shooter who committed the shooting at school in Florida, and they didn’t have any specific purpose to do it. However, the affair was caused by a woman who had a resentment of the policies of YouTube. The criminal tried to communicate with YouTube by using her own media for solving her problem. After that, the person resorted to aggressive means for revenge to the company.

In my opinion, in these years, the distance of company and consumer is more closer than before by increasing technology such as the internet. For this reason, companies should more care about the risk of being attacked from consumer directly.

Mark, B. (2018, April 4). YouTube shooter was motivated by anger at the company’s policies, police say, The Washington Post,

A Professional Engineer (a tale)

There was dark and cold night. I didn’t remember that how long I slept. I was woke up by sounds like explosion in an airplane. Suddenly, all of lamps lighted and showed a view of the airplane. Beside of me, my kids were crying and my wife was terrified. I thought a worst scenario about the air going to outside. But the wind was stable, and we could breath still. What was happened?

After few seconds later, an captain controlling the airplane began talking by using speakers. According to his story, the airplane’s fuel system got troubled, and it leaked to some electrical rooms for engines. For this trouble, the fuel caught fire, and three of four engines didn’t work. Also the airplane was not able to control from cockpit. Unfortunately, the airplane would be into the ocean in 7 minutes.

In terrible situation, someone said “I had an idea to prevent we would died”. He looked not strong man, but his voice had enough confidence to argue the people. He opened his laptop, and tried to hack the airplane system. It was not difficult for him because the system was not used newest technology, and he was good engineer.

First, he had to make sure overview of the airplane system. The airplane had just one usable engine which located inner left side. He calculated an equation of motion to control the airplane. Normally, to fly in the sky, the machine should have 6 degree of freedoms. For this reasons, airplane has four turbo engines, two pitch control wing, and one yaw control wing. However, actually, airplanes are robust systems, if you solve an equation for the airplane, it is possible to fly in the sky by using one engines and pitch yaw wings. After that, the control network of engines was hacked by him. His idea was controlling engine by using his laptop directly.

This operation was successfully, and the people made loud cheers. The airplane got stable speed, and went to the airport safely. I tried to find him to say him thanks. But anybody could not find him. After few weeks later, I saw an article at a library. An airplane engineer was dead by an experiment of airplane at his laboratory just one years ago. The picture of the engineer was similar to his face. I realized that he saved our life as his last professional job.


“Lifted” is a short animation film, and the range of time was 5 minutes and 5 secs. Also, it was made by the animation company named PIXAR in 2006. I watched this movie on YouTube, it showed about how two aliens tried to catch a man from his house by using a function of UFO.

In the beginning, at night, a UFO came to a house beside a tree in a farm. Suddenly, the UFO shone a beam of light into a room which was on the second floor of the house. At this moment, a man sleeping on the bed was lifted in the air carefully. And then, the man was being moved slowly toward the window. However, the man was crashed into the wall next to the window. But the man was still sleeping.

In the meantime, two aliens were in the UFO, and a little green alien made his failure of controlling the man’s position in the air by using the beam of light. The another big alien scored the little alien’s skills of using this function. The little alien looked stressed and nervous because he had to use a lot of switches to control the beam of light. He tried to make sure which switch is correct to do it, and he saw the big alien’s face. However, the expression of the big alien was not changed.

For this a stressful situation, the little alien began screaming and pushing a lot of switches at the same time. The man was hit the roof and the wall by this happening. Afterwards, the man was successfully moved outside, but suddenly, he was moved back his house. After several seconds, the little alien stopped doing it, and started to read a book for learning techniques of using the beam of light. The man was being moved to the window directly. However, his bottom was stocked in the window. So, the little alien pushed the switch stronger than before.

Finally, the man was moved outside. Suddenly, he was stocked again in the tree beside the house. Then, the man was brought in the UFO. The little alien’s face looked happy. Again he made mistakes because he took his hands off from the switches. The big alien moved quickly to the operation position, and he stopped what the man was crashed to the ground. Also, the big alien moved the man back to the man’s bed with his amazing skills.

In the end of the movie, the little alien felt sad because he made a lot of troubles. The big alien knew these things, and he gave right of controlling their UFO to the little alien. The little alien felt happy and began controlling the ship.Suddenly, the UFO fell down on the ground deeply, and then flew away. The house was broken by this happen. Fortunately, there was the man sleeping in the bed.

In my opinion, in the beginning, I thought this was a scary movie. However, in the UFO, they had so many switches like a cockpit of an airplane, and the little alien made some troubles like students in my class. Therefore, it was a funny film.

Gary, R. (2006, October 12). Lifted. Pixar,

Three Tremendous Effects of Smartphones

Smartphones are one of the greatest invention of human history. In January 2007, the world’s first smartphone named the “iPhone” was released by Apple in the U.S. Before this product was launched, people already had used some consumer electronics such as music players, feature phones, and personal computers. However, each device has just one specific function such as saving data, communicating to other people, or retrieving information. In contrast, smartphones provide multiple functions within one device. We should used smartphones because they are so useful and convenient for recording large amounts of data, or memory, communicating each other, and searching any information from anywhere at anytime.

One reason is that smartphones help to expand humans capacities of memory. For example, to remember the landscape of last year’s vacation precisely is difficult for most people. The accuracy of picture can be explained by using the term “pixel”. Pixels are the smallest unit to count resolution. According to Adam Clark Estes, the editor of Gizmodo, human’s eyes can perceive about 7 megapixels. On the other hand, most smartphones have over 8 megapixels. From this fact, owners of smartphones can remember all of scenes in their lifetime as accurately as human eyes by using a smartphone camera. In addition, the photos can be saved on cloud servers such as One Drive, DropBox, and Google Drive. Also, cloud server memory size is almost unlimited because data size of 8 megapixels picture is 4.6 megabyte, and we can maintain 1 terabyte by paying about $10 them every month, which means that we can record 218,000 pictures on cloud database. Humans capacities of memory are expanded by using smartphones because we can review our photos from anywhere at anytime.

Second of all, people can communicate with each other by using smartphones. Some say, using smartphones causes less social relationships because users only looking their electronic screens. However, there are a lot of opportunities to communicate with people online. According to the report named “Mobile App Report” from an economic website named comScore, in 2016, the penetration rate of smartphone users in the U.S. had increased 6% to 81% for 10 years. Because of this situation, to connect each smartphone users, some startups developing SNS (Social Networking Service) were founded such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These services can be used to send people text messages, audio messages, photos, and movies. Therefore, owners of smartphones can share their own experiences on the internet. For example, if you are an international student, you could send your family or friends pictures of traditional foods and beautiful landscapes across the globe using SNS. Also, you can make new friends on the SNS who has a mutual interest. Smartphones can build relationship of people.

Finally, smartphones provide us useful information from the internet. For example, when you visit other country and don’t know the foreign language, you can search on the internet by using a smartphone instead of using an electronic dictionary or a personal computer. In addition, when you want to go to the place where you don’t know, a map application on a smartphone tell you a route to get a destination and where is own position on the map. Also, smartphone share each user’s positions automatically on the server of the map application, and the server calculate the fastest road from some options. It follows that the users can avoid traffic jams and get own destination in an efficient manner. Smartphones help human to acquire our new searching ability.

In conclusion, smartphones provide us with abundant effects such as unlimited storage for memory, opportunities to connect each other, and to acquire useful information. Smartphones engage benefit of person, community, and human. We should use smartphone to live more convenient life.

Three Reasons to Save Money

Saving money is the greatest invention of human history. In 30th century BC, the currency named the “shekel” was made by humans from Mesopotamia. Following that, some similar systems have been used for over 5,000 years. Currencies have made a big contribution to evolve the human economy. Ancestors invented it for measuring value, exchanging value, and saving value. In these functions, saving value is the most important one. Money should be saved instead of wasted to solve emergency problems, to prepare retirement, and to invest in our future.

One reason is that saving money is the best solution for emergency situations. Normally, we can’t predict the future. Therefore, in our lifetime, we might cause some troubles. For example, disaster-caused damage to residence, car accidents, and serious illnesses. Some say, insurance can solve these problems. Unfortunately, however, to cover all of troubles by insurance is not realistic. If you face a heavy predicament which is not covered by insurance, you will have to solve it by using your savings. If you don’t have any savings, you will have to borrow money from a bank or a consumer finance. Loans without planning are dangerous for your finance because it requires to repay money with interest to them.

Second of all, after retirement, to earn income is more difficult than before for most people, and saving help this situation. According to the articles from NPO named Pension Right Center, the average pension in the U.S. is $18,000 per year. Also, in another article from The Motley Fool, an economic website, the average cost of living in the U.S. is $44,600 per one year. From this fact, residents will have to spend $26,600 per year by themselves. If you retire at 65 years old and live to 80 years of age, you will have to prepare about $400,000. This amount is not easy to earn for most elderly citizens. Saving money is the most common way for preparing retirement.

Finally, we can invest by saving instead of wasting money for the future. For example, to get $400,000 with up to 40 years after for old age expenses, preparing all of them is not necessary. If you save $500 every month with the compounded annual rate at 5%, the principal of $240,000 will amount to $400,000, which is about 1.67 times larger than the original price. Moreover, education is one of the highest investment efficiency in investment products. For example, to acquire great knowledge such as history, language, and science, is available by reading books, and most costs are reasonable about several $10. The knowledge you got will be useful in your life. Saving money expands the possibility of our future by investing.

In conclusion, saving money provides us abundant ways such as preparation for solving emergency problems, retirement, and investing for our future. Our lifetime is limited, and we should select the best way every time. To save money in an effective and efficient manner, you should begin as soon as possible. It’s my sincere hope that you will spend good life by saving money.

Three Reasons to Strict Gun Control

Gun control should be changed more strict in the U.S. Some said, to own a gun is the right to save myself. However, to accept the possession of guns has three problems: a lot of people killed every years by guns, costs of preventing massacre are baneful effect for economy, and guns make a harmful influence on education for children. Therefore, gun control is the most effective solution to solve these problems.

One reason of them is that guns killed many people in the U.S. Normally, schools are safe and learning place for students. However, on Feb. 14, 2018, 17 young people killed by a former student at their school with a semi-automatic rifle. Also firearms involved in the deaths of more than 30,000 people in the U.S. annually, about two-thirds of which are suicides. Furthermore, the U.S. has a higher per-person rate of murders committed with firearms than any other country.

Second of all, guns are adverse effect for the U.S. economy. The well-funded NRA argue that regulations of buying guns only hurt law-abiding gun owners. However, an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine mentioned about the level of gun violence in the U.S. amounts to a public health crisis. According to the magazine Mother Jones, it costs the U.S. $229 billion each year. This cost is too big to ignore.

Finally, guns make a harmful influence on education for children. For example, gun violence news inflict heavy fear to children, and it makes that some students imitate mass shooting. For recovering these problems, teachers should instruct children how to save own body at school. And it rob the time to learn more important subjects.

Overall, we should change gun control more strict to keep safe, to save economy, and to protect children from deleterious information. We can control gun-related issues by restricting laws. According to ​The Atlantic Daily​, Australia passed strict gun ownership laws after a massacre left 35 people dead in 1996. Since then, there have been no mass shootings, and the firearms murder and suicide rates have plummeted. Mass shooting rate is correlated with the population of gun owners. Thus, reducing massacre rate by restricting laws of guns is possible. The time is now to develop the perfect world without guns.