Three Tremendous Effects of Smartphones

Smartphones are one of the greatest invention of human history. In January 2007, the world’s first smartphone named the “iPhone” was released by Apple in the U.S. Before this product was launched, people already had used some consumer electronics such as music players, feature phones, and personal computers. However, each device has just one specific function such as saving data, communicating to other people, or retrieving information. In contrast, smartphones provide multiple functions within one device. We should used smartphones because they are so useful and convenient for recording large amounts of data, or memory, communicating each other, and searching any information from anywhere at anytime.

One reason is that smartphones help to expand humans capacities of memory. For example, to remember the landscape of last year’s vacation precisely is difficult for most people. The accuracy of picture can be explained by using the term “pixel”. Pixels are the smallest unit to count resolution. According to Adam Clark Estes, the editor of Gizmodo, human’s eyes can perceive about 7 megapixels. On the other hand, most smartphones have over 8 megapixels. From this fact, owners of smartphones can remember all of scenes in their lifetime as accurately as human eyes by using a smartphone camera. In addition, the photos can be saved on cloud servers such as One Drive, DropBox, and Google Drive. Also, cloud server memory size is almost unlimited because data size of 8 megapixels picture is 4.6 megabyte, and we can maintain 1 terabyte by paying about $10 them every month, which means that we can record 218,000 pictures on cloud database. Humans capacities of memory are expanded by using smartphones because we can review our photos from anywhere at anytime.

Second of all, people can communicate with each other by using smartphones. Some say, using smartphones causes less social relationships because users only looking their electronic screens. However, there are a lot of opportunities to communicate with people online. According to the report named “Mobile App Report” from an economic website named comScore, in 2016, the penetration rate of smartphone users in the U.S. had increased 6% to 81% for 10 years. Because of this situation, to connect each smartphone users, some startups developing SNS (Social Networking Service) were founded such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These services can be used to send people text messages, audio messages, photos, and movies. Therefore, owners of smartphones can share their own experiences on the internet. For example, if you are an international student, you could send your family or friends pictures of traditional foods and beautiful landscapes across the globe using SNS. Also, you can make new friends on the SNS who has a mutual interest. Smartphones can build relationship of people.

Finally, smartphones provide us useful information from the internet. For example, when you visit other country and don’t know the foreign language, you can search on the internet by using a smartphone instead of using an electronic dictionary or a personal computer. In addition, when you want to go to the place where you don’t know, a map application on a smartphone tell you a route to get a destination and where is own position on the map. Also, smartphone share each user’s positions automatically on the server of the map application, and the server calculate the fastest road from some options. It follows that the users can avoid traffic jams and get own destination in an efficient manner. Smartphones help human to acquire our new searching ability.

In conclusion, smartphones provide us with abundant effects such as unlimited storage for memory, opportunities to connect each other, and to acquire useful information. Smartphones engage benefit of person, community, and human. We should use smartphone to live more convenient life.