“Lifted” is a short animation film, and the range of time was 5 minutes and 5 secs. Also, it was made by the animation company named PIXAR in 2006. I watched this movie on YouTube, it showed about how two aliens tried to catch a man from his house by using a function of UFO.

In the beginning, at night, a UFO came to a house beside a tree in a farm. Suddenly, the UFO shone a beam of light into a room which was on the second floor of the house. At this moment, a man sleeping on the bed was lifted in the air carefully. And then, the man was being moved slowly toward the window. However, the man was crashed into the wall next to the window. But the man was still sleeping.

In the meantime, two aliens were in the UFO, and a little green alien made his failure of controlling the man’s position in the air by using the beam of light. The another big alien scored the little alien’s skills of using this function. The little alien looked stressed and nervous because he had to use a lot of switches to control the beam of light. He tried to make sure which switch is correct to do it, and he saw the big alien’s face. However, the expression of the big alien was not changed.

For this a stressful situation, the little alien began screaming and pushing a lot of switches at the same time. The man was hit the roof and the wall by this happening. Afterwards, the man was successfully moved outside, but suddenly, he was moved back his house. After several seconds, the little alien stopped doing it, and started to read a book for learning techniques of using the beam of light. The man was being moved to the window directly. However, his bottom was stocked in the window. So, the little alien pushed the switch stronger than before.

Finally, the man was moved outside. Suddenly, he was stocked again in the tree beside the house. Then, the man was brought in the UFO. The little alien’s face looked happy. Again he made mistakes because he took his hands off from the switches. The big alien moved quickly to the operation position, and he stopped what the man was crashed to the ground. Also, the big alien moved the man back to the man’s bed with his amazing skills.

In the end of the movie, the little alien felt sad because he made a lot of troubles. The big alien knew these things, and he gave right of controlling their UFO to the little alien. The little alien felt happy and began controlling the ship.Suddenly, the UFO fell down on the ground deeply, and then flew away. The house was broken by this happen. Fortunately, there was the man sleeping in the bed.

In my opinion, in the beginning, I thought this was a scary movie. However, in the UFO, they had so many switches like a cockpit of an airplane, and the little alien made some troubles like students in my class. Therefore, it was a funny film.

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