Three Reasons to Use Technology of Movies

Human is one of the creatures who communicate with each others. An important difference between human and other creatures in communication is that people use tools to transfer knowledge. This communication comes from two sides, which are senders and receivers. To receive information, human use five senses, which are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The most contributive way of them is using vision. To get information by using vision, people have two general types of ways such as reading books or watching movies. The main contents of reading books are sentences. On the other hand, movies consist of movement of pictures. People should watch movies to get information effectively for such as entertainment field, business instruction filed and education filed.

First, watching movies is one of the suitable ways to fun amusement in people’s life. The historical backgrounds of books and movies are fundamentally different. Almost 6000 years ago, as the origin of books, clay tablets were developed by Mesopotamia for recording tax data, making contracts and storing academic knowledge. On the other hand, about 200 years ago, phenakistoscopes were developed by using moving disks painted pictures. After this innovation, the technology evolved into films and TVs for enjoying entertainment contents. In the modern period, to enjoy entertainment, most people select watching movie instead of reading books because this media has several features such as nonverbal, dynamic and sensation. Nonverbal is a great effect on to share experience with the people who don’t know same language such as different generation or nation. In addition, following a moving object by eyes is one of the instinctive human traits. Additionally, in movies, it’s possible to hear sounds linked each scenes. This combination provide us high realistic sensation.

Second of all, watching movies is an efficient solution to tell instructions. To prevent misunderstand communication, accuracy of information is an important factor. In books, authors describe message abstractly. However, for example, to use first-aid tools, using books is not enough way because taking misinterpretation leads to a risk of injury directly. For this situation, watching movies is preferable because it is more concrete than reading books. To increase accuracy of information is not just useful for life-threatening situations like above but also for everyday business scenes. When companies want to tell customers their products, videos help customers to imagine the benefits of using the products. Customers can understand easily how they use the products. Making image videos, and showing them in TV commercials or company’s websites is a common way in marketing to general customers.

Finally, watching movies have disruptive innovation potential in education field. For example, to learn study such as math, history and physics, reading books is a common way in school. However, watching movies can be used as a study tool to understand subjects efficiently in school instead of using textbooks. Because, in per unit area, movies have  considerable information more than books. Some say that to translate from textbooks to movies is too much cost for school. However, the cost of making videos is decreasing day by day because the equipments are cheaper than before such as recording, editing and playing tools in recent years. For this reason, education technology field including movies of studying is expanding rapidly.

In conclusion, movies provide us with abundant effects such as enjoying entertainment, understanding accuracy information, and learning study efficiently. Movies engage benefit of amusement, business, and education. We should use movies to earn more effective life.