Why am I developing Izanagi-Drive?

(The photo is from here)

Even now, over 35000 traffic death per year in the US.


To solve car accidents, automobile companies are researching safety technology, and implementing it to their products. Personally, I worked for a car company in Japan, and had opportunity of driving lots of the latest cars such as Tesla and Mercedes-Benz. They have strongly nice technology and it helpful to do safe driving.

However, according to Statista.com, almost cars drove in the US are used cars. The number is more than 80%. Unfortunately, those cars don’t have edge safety technology. I think that is really big problem.

When I realized this fact, I decided to start developing retrofit advanced driver assistance system. Actually some companies already started to develop this kinds of function. In fact, Comma.ai published OpenPilot on the github. It is amazing product. Nevertheless, I think that we can do many kinds of approach to solve this problem not only for using android smartphone.

Izanagi-Drive is first concept of the solution. It can be attached any cars it have steering, and reduce drivers stress especially for long driving.

I will post the test performance next.