Pets Find Their Way Into Our Hearts When We Need Them Most

‘Pets Find Their Way Into Our Hearts When We Need Them Most’ Skip’s ESL BITS

The audio talked about one pet story. Idea is what we learn from pets. First they are member of family and loved by human. Second We give our cats and dogs our hearts for life, and then their lives run out after just a few years. Thus the cats and dogs we bring into our families refresh our view of the world. Finally they show us simple logic in their life that what is most important. I think it’s good experience for especially children.

Artificial Intelligence Beats Humans in Major Reading Test

Artificial Intelligence Beats Humans in Major Reading Test

The article talked about a news of artificial intelligence. Idea is that Machines equipped with artificial intelligence have performed better than human beings in a high-level test of reading comprehension. First the author introduced two natural language processing tools developed by Microsoft and Alibaba Group. They tried the reading comprehension test developed by researchers at Stanford University and got score over of 82.304 as human. Alibaba has already plan that reading comprehension model to use telephone calls from customers. However people are still much better than machines at understanding the complexity and nuances of language. In my opinion we should think what is most effective work in future and prepare it.

Cats are Better than Dogs for Young Business Person

I like dogs because my family had a dog before. However when I started to my work and decided to have new pets with my wife, I chose to have a cat. Most people who want to have new pets will choose dogs because they don’t know some good points of cats. The cats owner will not only get a healing effect, but will also save your costs and keep your work style. Living with cats is a suitable lifestyle for young business person.

First, being an owner of cats saves your costs. Carrier of most young business person is shorter than older person. Thus their income are not enough to rent a big house. Most cats are smaller than dogs. It’s a good reason for living with cats. If you had some dogs except too small dogs, you should prepared much food and big space in your room. In comparison to that, you should not prepared it for living with cats. Therefore you can save your costs.

Second, cats do not steal your time by comparison dogs. At the nature of the world, dogs are making group with each other to live. Therefore pets dogs have master and they want to live with your family every time. However most business person have to work in over 8 hours per day at weekday. If anybody were not in your home at evening that could made your dogs to feel sad. By contrast cats do not feel sad if it was happen because they are thinking about you are just roommate. In addition if you had some dogs, you had to take them outside every morning and every night because it is a habit of dogs. However cats owners don’t need to do it because they can go outside themselves or you can chose living with your cats at just your home.

Finally, living with cats is one of the best ways for healing to mental stress of the owner. Depression of business person are at issue in recent years. Most business person have to work too harder every day. Also dogs should work too because they check enemy to save your home every time. However the lifestyles of cats are in contrast to the lifestyle of people and dogs. Cats are sleeping much of the day and doing slow life. Take a sleeping with cats a good way to heal your mental stress. If you were living with them you could learn an important thing for rest in your life.

In conclusion, I recommend cats instead of dogs to who want to live with new family especially for young business person. Because you can save your cost and keep your work style. And furthermore, your mental stresses are decreased by living with cats. If you want to live with a cat, you don’t worry about anything just prepare a little warm bed for the cat.

Flight to California

If you want to go to San Jose, California from Tokyo, I think you have some choices. First, you can go to San Jose airport from Narita airport directly. In this case, the cost is pretty high, however, the flight time is shortest of the any itineraries.. Second, you have to trans for once in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, thus, making the cost cheaper than other plans. Third, the cheapest plan is to transfer twice somewhere. I chose the final, cheapest plan because I am a student who needS to save money.

Next, I used, provided by a startup in Czech, to search for good priced tickets. We can search for all airlines tickets, especially low-cost carriers, and match them to get to a destination on the website. I bought two tickets for me and my wife for $1200 on the website, unaware of the trouble we would encounter later.

My flight routes had Narita, Kansai, Honolulu, and San Jose airport with each flight provided by a different airline, such as Peach Aviation, AirAsia X and Hawaiian Airlines. We had trouble at Kansai airport. When I went the check-in counter of AirAsia X to get the tickets, the staff told me that I hadn’t paid for the baggage costs and I should pay $400. I was confused because I paid all costs on and had receipt for it. I tried explaining, but they just said always has trouble with us and if you don’t pay extra costs, you can not bring your baggage onto our airplane. I didn’t have time to call, therefore, I paid again. This time, I saw a man talking to the staff at the next counter. He also was explaining about his baggage costs. Then he suddenly sounded IN despair because he couldn’t use his credit card at the counter and didn’t have any options. I don’t know whether he could go back his country or not.

Anyway, I ARRIVED AT San Jose airport safely. I love this location, especially the weather. In conclusion, if you have to use AirAsia X by, be careful about extra baggage costs.


2018年1月から、UCSC(University of California の Santa Cruz校) Silicon Valley Campusに通うことになり、家族と共にカリフォルニア州サンタクララ市に引っ越した。これまでは、修士課程進学のために沖縄から上京し、小金井市、文京区、八王子市、春日部市、渋谷区と、首都圏で生活していた。大きく生活拠点を変えるのは約6年ぶり。今回、学生visaで入国しており滞在期間は2年を想定している。就労ビザ取得が年々厳しくなっているらしく、その後は運次第。家族の体調第一で無理せずやっていく。



サイバーセキュリティ領域を中心に事業を展開するココン株式会社(所在地:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役社長:倉富 佑也、以下 ココン社)は、エンターテイメント領域に特化した動作拡大型スーツを開発しているスケルトニクス株式会社(所在地:東京都八王子市、代表取締役:阿嘉 倫大、以下 スケルトニクス社)へ資本参加しましたのでお知らせいたします。また、スケルトニクス社が発行する転換社債型新株予約権付社債(以下、「CB債」)の引受けを行うことを決議しましたので、併せてお知らせいたします。


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