Three Reasons to Save Money

Saving money is the greatest invention of human history. In 30th century BC, the currency named the “shekel” was made by humans from Mesopotamia. Following that, some similar systems have been used for over 5,000 years. Currencies have made a big contribution to evolve the human economy. Ancestors invented it for measuring value, exchanging value, and saving value. In these functions, saving value is the most important one. Money should be saved instead of wasted to solve emergency problems, to prepare retirement, and to invest in our future.

One reason is that saving money is the best solution for emergency situations. Normally, we can’t predict the future. Therefore, in our lifetime, we might cause some troubles. For example, disaster-caused damage to residence, car accidents, and serious illnesses. Some say, insurance can solve these problems. Unfortunately, however, to cover all of troubles by insurance is not realistic. If you face a heavy predicament which is not covered by insurance, you will have to solve it by using your savings. If you don’t have any savings, you will have to borrow money from a bank or a consumer finance. Loans without planning are dangerous for your finance because it requires to repay money with interest to them.

Second of all, after retirement, to earn income is more difficult than before for most people, and saving help this situation. According to the articles from NPO named Pension Right Center, the average pension in the U.S. is $18,000 per year. Also, in another article from The Motley Fool, an economic website, the average cost of living in the U.S. is $44,600 per one year. From this fact, residents will have to spend $26,600 per year by themselves. If you retire at 65 years old and live to 80 years of age, you will have to prepare about $400,000. This amount is not easy to earn for most elderly citizens. Saving money is the most common way for preparing retirement.

Finally, we can invest by saving instead of wasting money for the future. For example, to get $400,000 with up to 40 years after for old age expenses, preparing all of them is not necessary. If you save $500 every month with the compounded annual rate at 5%, the principal of $240,000 will amount to $400,000, which is about 1.67 times larger than the original price. Moreover, education is one of the highest investment efficiency in investment products. For example, to acquire great knowledge such as history, language, and science, is available by reading books, and most costs are reasonable about several $10. The knowledge you got will be useful in your life. Saving money expands the possibility of our future by investing.

In conclusion, saving money provides us abundant ways such as preparation for solving emergency problems, retirement, and investing for our future. Our lifetime is limited, and we should select the best way every time. To save money in an effective and efficient manner, you should begin as soon as possible. It’s my sincere hope that you will spend good life by saving money.

Three Reasons to Strict Gun Control

Gun control should be changed more strict in the U.S. Some said, to own a gun is the right to save myself. However, to accept the possession of guns has three problems: a lot of people killed every years by guns, costs of preventing massacre are baneful effect for economy, and guns make a harmful influence on education for children. Therefore, gun control is the most effective solution to solve these problems.

One reason of them is that guns killed many people in the U.S. Normally, schools are safe and learning place for students. However, on Feb. 14, 2018, 17 young people killed by a former student at their school with a semi-automatic rifle. Also firearms involved in the deaths of more than 30,000 people in the U.S. annually, about two-thirds of which are suicides. Furthermore, the U.S. has a higher per-person rate of murders committed with firearms than any other country.

Second of all, guns are adverse effect for the U.S. economy. The well-funded NRA argue that regulations of buying guns only hurt law-abiding gun owners. However, an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine mentioned about the level of gun violence in the U.S. amounts to a public health crisis. According to the magazine Mother Jones, it costs the U.S. $229 billion each year. This cost is too big to ignore.

Finally, guns make a harmful influence on education for children. For example, gun violence news inflict heavy fear to children, and it makes that some students imitate mass shooting. For recovering these problems, teachers should instruct children how to save own body at school. And it rob the time to learn more important subjects.

Overall, we should change gun control more strict to keep safe, to save economy, and to protect children from deleterious information. We can control gun-related issues by restricting laws. According to ​The Atlantic Daily​, Australia passed strict gun ownership laws after a massacre left 35 people dead in 1996. Since then, there have been no mass shootings, and the firearms murder and suicide rates have plummeted. Mass shooting rate is correlated with the population of gun owners. Thus, reducing massacre rate by restricting laws of guns is possible. The time is now to develop the perfect world without guns.

The Flu

H3N2—What You Need to Know About This Year’s Dangerous Flu Virus

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Two articles from National Geographic and ESL-Bits talked about the flu. They showed some information about CDC, H3N2, and a universal vaccine. In the article from National Geographic, it compared H1N1 to H3N2. Also, it indicated two kinds of influenza, A and B. On the other hand, in the article from ESL-Bits, it showed more specific information about the flu. For example, elderberry versus tamiflu, side effects, and costs. In my opinion, we should take the influenza vaccine every year.

Slow travel

Slow travel

The speaker is blogger. First he introduced common bloggers style about traveling. Normally, when they go to over sea to travel, they just stay one or two weeks and then go to another place. But, He suggested another way that if you go to another country, you should live there at long term like 6 months. There are two reasons. First, you can find more local place for example coffee and restaurant. Second, you can talk to local people more deeply because he showed his original theory that 3~4 months are the turning point to make more friendship. Finally, he talk about his experience about Philippines and Vietnam.

How 3D Printing Helped Team USA Go for Gold

How 3D Printing Helped Team USA Go for Gold

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Chris Mazdzer of the U.S. got his silver medal in a men’s luge singles event. He and his team won the competition using 3D printing technology. There are three reasons aerodynamics, lightweight material, and comfort.

First, the team worked with an American company called Stratasys. The company made a scan, or image, of the body of every member of the luge team. This data contributed to optimizing aerodynamics to get a faster record.

Second, snowboard maker CAPiTA provided team USA with stronger sidewalls for its snowboards. The boards were made with complex materials such as wood and plastic. The boards’ potential was improved by these materials.

Finally, another 3D company, Materialise, gave them form-fitted insides for ski boots. These parts were made by the 3D scan data of a teammate. In my opinion, 3D printing technology is used extensively for not only sports, but also for industries such as education and medical. In the future, we might live in new style houses made by 3D printing technology.

TED Talk: The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet

Tanya Menon: The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet | TED Talk

I would like to introduce one episode from a TED Talk that was presented by Tanya Menon. The title is “The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet”. In this presentation, she suggested to audiences to meet people who they don’t know. At first, she showed her teaching experience to describe how it is difficult for general people to do make new connection. Normally, we met the same people everyday and it is a risk for someone who needs get a new idea or a new job. For example, think about your friends. Typically friends are the same nationality, of the same gender, the same race, have the same look, the same hair style, and same texture of body.

After that introduction, she gave the audience three ways about how to meet new people to get a new social network. First of all, use a more imperfect social search engine. Second, be courageous in traveling your social universe. Third, reach out to people as partners rather than resources.

In conclusion, she talked about metaphor of life. Most common one is that life is journey and which means life looks like train ride and you’re a passenger. However, she showed audiences another one that is think of yourself as an atom. We are bumping up each other like atoms. Sometime transferring energy to someone and creating something new.

In my opinion, I totally agree with her suggestions because recently I went to some meetup to create my new social network. Especially, if I want to make a new product, to cooperate each other is stronger way than to do something by myself.

A Man’s Life

ELLLO Views #897 A Man’s Life

In this audio, a woman and a man talked about the best and the worst things about a being man. he man from England named Paul answered the woman’s questions.

First, a being man had two bad things. One of them is the pressure from work.or example, men need to earn money in order to get a good career, like a bank manager for family. Another one is that men don’t have time to make relationships with their kids. So, the distance between mothers and their children is closer than the distance between fathers and their children.

Then, they talked about the good things of a being man. One of example is appearance. For a man, when he doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t need to care about his appearance. He can wear any clothes as not expensive. Because normally, men don’t care about their outfits, unlike women and men think shopping is boring. . And another one is that men can do fun things as compared to women because men can go anywhere by themselves such as traveling or play something.

I disagree with their opinions because I think this is such an old style, and it depends on the country or culture. Nowadays, women also have to work, and they don’t have time either. And sometimes, men like shopping.

Do You Have TV?

If your answer is yes, you should care about your lifestyle because TVs have negative influence on people’s behavior. TVs were born in 1950’s and it have been spread explosively to ordinary homes until recent years. Thus almost people have a TV at their home. However, if you watch TV everyday, you will lose your health, your time, and your productive life. Therefore you should save time of watching TV.

One reason is that your body might be waste away by watching TV. For example, watching TV is not good for your eyes. Because if you look something at a short distance for longtime everyday, your eyesight will be weak day by day. In addition, you can’t exercise while watching TV. Regularly exercise can contribute construction your body. On the other hand, when you are watching TV, you are just sitting a sofa or a chair.

Second of all, you might waste your time by watching TV because it’s easy to access and you don’t feel stress. Most people are lazy thus they chose more easily option to do something. To watch a TV, you have to push a TV remote controller just one time. Then the TV shows you a lot of funny media. Also TV programs are provided 24 hours a day, every day because TV program companies want people to keep their eyes on TVs to earn profits from advertising companies. For that reasons, you lose your time such as to do homework or to sleep in the night.

Finally, you may lose your energy to do something new by watching TV. Someone say, there are a lot of useful information from TVs and you can access it more easily than by searching yourself. However heavily depending on TVs is dangerous because sometime you mistakenly perceive information provided by TVs as your real experience. Experiences from TVs are not special and not unique. A your real experience is worth a thousand TV programs. Your originality is most important for you. Don’t be a robot watching TV.

Overall, watching TV is not to be good effective for people. Health, time, and original experience could be lost by it. Our lifetime is limited resources and we should use it for creative something more and more. Go back home and pull your TV’s cable right now. Welcome to new life except bad influence.

Star Wars Episode VIII ‘The Last Jedi’

It’s one of the best movies in the world. As you know, when George Lucas started making Star Wars, he decided that it would have just six episodes. Then, he made episode IV in 1977 as the first movie and episode III as last one in 2005. However, after 10 years, episode VII was released in 2015 in theaters because the Walt Disney Company bought his film company. Not only that main character’s casts were same as Mark Richard Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. Episode VII is the most recent episode. In this movie, the power of the dark side was more powerful than before, and the resistance had a hard time because most Jedi had died in the space war. Rey is a lead character of three new episodes, where she tries to fight the dark side with the resistance. However, it was not enough to win. Then, she contacted the Jedi legend, Luke Skywalker. In the end, we could see Luke Skywalker for the first time in 34 years. I can’t wait to watch the coming episode IX.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Soars in Debut Test Launch From Florida – The New York Times

Yesterday, I saw news about SpaceX on Twitter and CNBC. Therefore, I chose the article ‘SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Soars in Debut Test Launch From Florida’. SpaceX succeeded in launching a big rocket Falcon Heavy. It was big space science news. There were 3 reasons: First, they launched Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster into space and took some pictures of the car and the earth. Second, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is the biggest rocket, thus they could bring not just the Roadster, but also some satellites from commercial companies. Finally, the rocket costs are cheaper? than most rockets because it can be reused sometimes. Most rockets can only be launched just once and launching costs are expensive. It is a kind of a big problem to grow the space market. Elon? solved this problem by using system control engineering. I think this topic conveys Elon’s message to future that we live in the new world of 2018, and we can go to Mars anytime using cars.