Month: January 2018

  • Cats are Better than Dogs for Young Business Person

    I like dogs because my family had a dog before. However when I started to my work and decided to have new pets with my wife, I chose to have a cat. Most people who want to have new pets will choose dogs because they don’t know some good points of cats. The cats owner…

  • Flight to California

    If you want to go to San Jose, California from Tokyo, I think you have some choices. First, you can go to San Jose airport from Narita airport directly. In this case, the cost is pretty high, however, the flight time is shortest of the any itineraries.. Second, you have to trans for once in…

  • English Study

    To record improvement of my English skill, I made a new category.

  • サンタクララに引っ越し


    2018年1月から、UCSC(University of California の Santa Cruz校) Silicon Valley Campusに通うことになり、家族と共にカリフォルニア州サンタクララ市に引っ越した。これまでは、修士課程進学のために沖縄から上京し、小金井市、文京区、八王子市、春日部市、渋谷区と、首都圏で生活していた。大きく生活拠点を変えるのは約6年ぶり。今回、学生visaで入国しており滞在期間は2年を想定している。就労ビザ取得が年々厳しくなっているらしく、その後は運次第。家族の体調第一で無理せずやっていく。