Flight to California

If you want to go to San Jose, California from Tokyo, I think you have some choices. First, you can go to San Jose airport from Narita airport directly. In this case, the cost is pretty high, however, the flight time is shortest of the any itineraries.. Second, you have to trans for once in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, thus, making the cost cheaper than other plans. Third, the cheapest plan is to transfer twice somewhere. I chose the final, cheapest plan because I am a student who needS to save money.

Next, I used Kiwi.com, provided by a startup in Czech, to search for good priced tickets. We can search for all airlines tickets, especially low-cost carriers, and match them to get to a destination on the website. I bought two tickets for me and my wife for $1200 on the website, unaware of the trouble we would encounter later.

My flight routes had Narita, Kansai, Honolulu, and San Jose airport with each flight provided by a different airline, such as Peach Aviation, AirAsia X and Hawaiian Airlines. We had trouble at Kansai airport. When I went the check-in counter of AirAsia X to get the tickets, the staff told me that I hadn’t paid for the baggage costs and I should pay $400. I was confused because I paid all costs on Kiwi.com and had receipt for it. I tried explaining, but they just said Kiwi.com always has trouble with us and if you don’t pay extra costs, you can not bring your baggage onto our airplane. I didn’t have time to call Kiwi.com, therefore, I paid again. This time, I saw a man talking to the staff at the next counter. He also was explaining about his baggage costs. Then he suddenly sounded IN despair because he couldn’t use his credit card at the counter and didn’t have any options. I don’t know whether he could go back his country or not.

Anyway, I ARRIVED AT San Jose airport safely. I love this location, especially the weather. In conclusion, if you have to use AirAsia X by Kiwi.com, be careful about extra baggage costs.