Cats are Better than Dogs for Young Business Person

I like dogs because my family had a dog before. However when I started to my work and decided to have new pets with my wife, I chose to have a cat. Most people who want to have new pets will choose dogs because they don’t know some good points of cats. The cats owner will not only get a healing effect, but will also save your costs and keep your work style. Living with cats is a suitable lifestyle for young business person.

First, being an owner of cats saves your costs. Carrier of most young business person is shorter than older person. Thus their income are not enough to rent a big house. Most cats are smaller than dogs. It’s a good reason for living with cats. If you had some dogs except too small dogs, you should prepared much food and big space in your room. In comparison to that, you should not prepared it for living with cats. Therefore you can save your costs.

Second, cats do not steal your time by comparison dogs. At the nature of the world, dogs are making group with each other to live. Therefore pets dogs have master and they want to live with your family every time. However most business person have to work in over 8 hours per day at weekday. If anybody were not in your home at evening that could made your dogs to feel sad. By contrast cats do not feel sad if it was happen because they are thinking about you are just roommate. In addition if you had some dogs, you had to take them outside every morning and every night because it is a habit of dogs. However cats owners don’t need to do it because they can go outside themselves or you can chose living with your cats at just your home.

Finally, living with cats is one of the best ways for healing to mental stress of the owner. Depression of business person are at issue in recent years. Most business person have to work too harder every day. Also dogs should work too because they check enemy to save your home every time. However the lifestyles of cats are in contrast to the lifestyle of people and dogs. Cats are sleeping much of the day and doing slow life. Take a sleeping with cats a good way to heal your mental stress. If you were living with them you could learn an important thing for rest in your life.

In conclusion, I recommend cats instead of dogs to who want to live with new family especially for young business person. Because you can save your cost and keep your work style. And furthermore, your mental stresses are decreased by living with cats. If you want to live with a cat, you don’t worry about anything just prepare a little warm bed for the cat.